Wine touring has become Italy’s third greatest attraction, after beaches and art. Each year over 3 million tourists travel through the vineyards to sample the wines and meet the producers. Italy’s annual “Cantine Aperte” or open cellars brings 750,000 visitors in a single day. Experiencing the Italian food and wine specialties of the region is the perfect way to start a journey to get to know Italy, from its land to its people and history. One of the joys of travelling in Italy is the immense diversity of culture that one encounters from region to region.

Be guided by our local Italian wine experts and discover the wineries where some of the world’s most prized Italian wine is produced, from the Chianti in Tuscany, Valpolicella in Veneto as well as Sicily with its ancient heritage in viticulture. We can also tell you the restaurants where you can find quality cuisine and where the locals eat, from the little family run trattoria, to the best international restaurants. Italians are passionate about their food.


Book our wondernful Tuscan Cooking Course - Learn how to make home bread or fresh pasta, in a country house kitchen, from the most wonderful local chefs or go wine tasting and see how the masters make their wine.

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