There are so many beautiful coastlines in Italy, all diverse. We have chosen the best with spectacular views, with accommodation in quaint little villages perched high on a cliff top to the stylish Portofino where you can go boating with the rich and famous. You can see the whole gulf of Napoli from the emperor Tiberius palace perched high on the cliff edge on the Island of Capri or drive the hairpin turns on the cliffs around the Spectacular Amalfi Coast.

Catch a ferry to all the little villages around Lake Como, snorkel in the acqua waters of Puglia or just lie on the beach in Cefalu, Sicily watching the sun set over the calm Tirrenno sea. In Cinque Terre you can walk from one beautiful village to the other along winding paths on the top of the cliffs or See a live smoking volcano amongst the Aeolian Islands off Sicily... The views from all these places will take your breath away. See our beautiful accommodation for Sea & Lakes districts in Italy below