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Friday, 01 November 2013 07:05

It is a shocking thing when one has a small business that one has to be a captain of all things. However one of my favourite things is writing about Italy and I have been here in Italy for four months this time now and have not blogged.

Now this is both a tragedy for me as I love sharing my joys about this country but it is also a bonus for my clients as I have worked so hard to service them and have not had one second to blog.  See everything in life has a positive and a negative. The same with this country and all other countries in the world as far as countries go.

I have recounted a lot of joys about Italy over the years and now I am going to write about a negative thing that could happen and then..... The thing to do... when these things happen in Italy, is to go with the flow. Oh -  the train has broken down and does not show - well guess what!! - you might just meet the most fabulous people while waiting with all the other people on the station.