Wednesday, 01 December 2010 22:14
Written by Gemma

Napoli reminds me of Malaysia.... one gets exhausted from all the noise and the crowds. Although it is amazing city and I am fascinated by never ceases to shock me and alarm all my senses. To see families riding around on motorbikes -  three or four on one bike with no helmets and a baby stuck in between!!!.... I am used to it by now but was pleased to see my Italian friend from the north, shocked as well as when I first saw it ten years ago my jaw used to drop too in horror...!!!

My brain is exhausted from deep intellectual discussions in Italian. Now that really stretches the brain.  I am so accommplished with this sort of thing in english but to do it in a second language - challenging!! Sabrina can speak English so I do not know why we were talking in Italian especially as she speaks four languages.  I guess when in Rome..... or when in Napoli.....!!

I am so used to the Italian language now after three months that I think I am speaking English when I am not. I met some English people yesterday and I spoke in Italian to them thinking that I was speaking in English until they kept looking at me with a is so strange the language thing on the brain at times. Finally I realised and started laughing at myself. It surprises me that this happens as it is such a relief to speak in English. So easy mamma mia!! I guess I am used to my brain doing it hard.

We were coming back on the train from a lovely day in Positano on the lovely Amalfi coast and this gypsy man came up with to us with his two year old baby and got the baby to walk to everyone and  hold out the cup for money and to say “I am only a baby and I need to eat”.  I was shocked and could only stare at the poor little angelic face staring at me and I felt sick. I looked at Sabrina and she was fuming. She was so angry. She wanted to abuse the father and had to contain herself to not cause a scene.  I too felt so uncomfortable and was speechless because I had never seen a little darling like that so young used and abused. Sabrina is as passionate as I am about the world and gets very angry when she sees injustice.  It is just so terrible to see child abuse. We should abuse him and tell him to stop but it would upset the little baby... I do not know the answer... I have none and I sit there in shock and feel so much sadness for that poor little baby and can only imagine what sort of life he is going to have!

I try not to judge the Romanian gypsies as I do not know their life nor their culture but all I know is that the poor Italians are continually tolerant towards them and are tortured by them, always beings asked for money, every single day.  So different to my life in back home that at night sometimes I collapse into bed and think I know nothing about the world and can only thank god that I was born where I was born.  

Italy is bound by all the countries in Europe and all immigrants pour into here through the sea.  The Italians are actually too generous and need to take care of their nation as soon they will be outbred by all people of Moslem religion and the many immigrants from Africa as most Italians only have one child maximum.  Because of Italy's low fertility rate which is actually minus - in the future the majority of babies born in Italy will be to non Italian parents.

There was a Russian women sitting near me on the train to Campi Flegrei and she was talking to me in Russian! Do I look Russian? I let her go on as she was so animated and she kept laughing at her story and she seemed to be enjoying it so I kept nodding so as to not let her know that I did not know what the hell she was saying!!! Mamma mia!!

The trains are a source of incredible entertainment. There is always someone sprouting on the suburban trains in Napoli e.g. A piano accordion player- A guy selling his wares – kitchen utensils hawking. A homeless putting a little note on your seat asking for money. You could spend a fortune in one day giving to them all. No peace  - ever on the trains here in Napoli– last night soccer hooligans.. going to a game. Now they were entertaining to watch!!  It made me feel good that my friend Sabrina  could not understand their dialect either and she is Italian!!.  I thought it was just me.

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