Thursday, 21 November 2013 19:16
Written by Gemma
Pasticceria Florence Pasticceria Florence G. Green Close 2013

Sometimes when my clients are describing to me the places they want to go to see, I say to them. “Why do you want to go to this place”.  They often say "Our friends said it was great"!!

When planning a trip as time and money are precious you want to make sure you don’t waste days travelling a long way just to see one thing that might not really interest you. Your friends’ interests might be different to yours.

The ideal holiday is firstly where you get to enjoy yourself as well as relax. Are you going to these places just because you are really interested to see them or because you wish to put fabulous photos up on facebook to make all back home jealous?

For example if you have no interest in Roman history why would you waste a precious morning in Roma at the Colosseum …..yes I know it was in Gladiators….!!!

PFI Travel likes to tailor your trip to your interests and it is good to be honest with yourself. If you love shopping and are not really interested in history we will direct you to the fabulous street of antiques in Rome or the street filled with funky boutiques or Ferraris – whatever your interest. You don’t have to herd like sheep and follow the crowds.

Italy has so many varied things to do. Eg scuba diving to see the sunken Roman city  in Campi Flegrei ,Campania.  Foodie tours where you get to cook and eat and fall in love with ....( no not Eat Pray love!...) the pasticcerie the fabulous pastry shops we know where the real home made ones are!!  omg.. i ate some here the other night die for!! and I don't normally eat sweets!!

You can fall in love with the beautiful Italians if you want to and you can pray in the thousands of churches….Rome has 300 churches alone.. or was it 500 …. A tour of Napoli  tunnels underground where they hid in world war two.  If you love books there are streets and streets of antique bookshops and magnificent libraries.  Shopping at the fabulous label outlets.  Trekking in the summer near the Dolomites. So much diversity. ..You only have to ask us. Contact PFI Travel here.