Monday, 18 April 2011 04:33
Written by Gemma
I have just partaken in a Palm Sunday Catholic procession and Way of the Cross for miles through the streets to the Port of Pozzuoli in Campania, finishing outside the spot where St. Paul stayed. It was very beautiful. I was surprised at how many young people were there especially young men. This was lovely to see. The prayers and songs were amplified out on loud speakers throughout the town so even if you were inside you could not but hear it. The onlookers too were very respectful.  The prayers in Italian sound so moving.  A lovely soft sun today which was nice to warm the cockles of one’s heart.

Easter is an important time in Italy; Vatican city in Rome, being the center of the world Catholic Church and also a separate state in Italy with its own rulings and autonomy. They even have their own stamp. The Vatican organisation is made of  80% Italians so the Catholic church is controlled by Italians even though the pope is German. The majority of popes over history have been Italian. And as Italians are slow to change their way of doing things (which also can be both good and bad)....is it any wonder that the Catholic Church is slow to change with the people!!

The easter eggs in the shops are very ornate and one can buy hand made large chocolate eggs with presents inside them. If one is a romantic man and wealthy, he can even buy an egg with a diamond bracelet inside for his lover. And girls - many Italian men are sporting diamond earings and no they are not gay!!