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Mercoledì 22 Dicembre 2010 13:04
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The town of Pescia celebrates the birthday of Pinocchio at the end of May every year with celebrations taking place in the entertainment Park of  Pinocchio,  a complex entirely devoted to the adventures of the little wooden character and his array of strange friends.....

The picturesque medieval village has maintained its ancient appearance, with its maze of old houses clinging to the hillside in a cascade that stretches down to the majestic Villa Garzoni and its beautiful eighteenth-century landscaped Garden. The captivating imaginative power of The Adventures of Pinocchio draws its strength from this magical setting, which has made this story into a masterpiece transcending all bounds of time and space.

Established over a span of thirty years, between 1956 and 1987, the Park of Pinocchio is far from being a traditional amusement park. Rather, it is a creation of fantasy  set amongst the unspoilt pearls of nature blended with the harmonious beauty of art. A range of mosaics tell the story of the main episodes with vivid originality. 

The Park has been gradually enriched with valuable contributions like The Red Prawn Tavern which was officially opened in 1963. On the southern side of the Park stands a later addition from 1972, the Paese dei Balocchi (Land of toys), a magical tour located over a hectare of Mediterranean vegetation.

A small tunnel leads into the Village of Pinocchio, which is the starting point of a paved path whose borders are populated by the characters from the story : the curly-moustached Policeman blocking the road, effectively forcing children to creep between his legs, the Talking Cricket, the Great Puppet Theatre, the Cat and the Fox, the Forest of Assassins, the Little Fairy Girl and her Little White House, with the Snail Concierge and the small bedroom where Pinocchio was examined by the three doctors. In the nearby Field of Miracles stands the shining Tree.

Shortly thereafter, one comes upon the Serpent, and then the Four Rabbits who are carrying a coffin in an attempt to persuade Pinocchio to swallow the medicine. The Fairy also appears, with her arms outstretched and the path goes on past the Crab that sprays water all around, the Nets and the Pan of the Green Fisherman, and then once more the path reaches Pinocchio, now transformed into a Donkey in the Land of Toys. Finally, Steps let visitors climb up to the great whale where there is a view of the Little Goat and the Puppet waving.

At this point the story has come to an end, but the visionary journey continues with the Labyrinth, the Pirates' Cave , the Pirate Ship and the Sounding Wheels set in motion by water. The literary path that guides visitors in their exploration of the Park is a highly original blend of artistic creation and natural environment. It is a long and winding path, snaking its way through luxuriant vegetation which never ceases to surprise, and is surrounded by trees that typically belong to the Mediterranean evergreen vegetation.

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